Well, welcome to 2014! Big year so far, lots of change – things are going great. Magoo is currently working with locals, Canyonero, on their next EP. This band is doing great things at the moment and will be a band to watch out for this year. Check them out here. In the last few weeks, Magoo has worked with Velociraptor on their new single, Little Odessa on a couple of new songs and local up and comers Morning Harvey. Coming up he has mixing for Little Casino, Chase City from Tasmania and a little bit more work with The Ninjas! Things are looking good! Saskwatch – Born To Break Your Heart Last year, Magoo worked on the second album for Melbourne band, Saskwatch. They have just released the first single from the album, Born To Break Your Heart. We love it! You can listen to the song here: https://soundcloud.com/saskwatchmusic/born-to-break-your-your-heart Countdown to Songs Of Applewood Applewood Lane Studios are this year again running Songs Of Applewood! And of course, Magoo will be on hand to record the work that comes out of it. The songwriting retreat kicks off next Monday, March 10 and runs through to Thursday, March 14, 2014. The successful artists partaking in four days of songwriting, recording, collaboration and cultural exchange are: Catherine Satour (Alice Springs), Andrew Walker (Darwin), Luke Thomas (Townsville), Dukebox (Inverell) and Nicolas Wymarra (Cairns). Teamed with mentors,  Fred Leone (MC Rival), Lydia Fairhall, Luke Peacock, Sah Ghee and Tjupurru, the songwriting teams will have the opportunity to record and work with with Magoo and Sean Cook (Velociraptor, Big Scary, Belltalk, the Stillsons, Go Violets). The retreat is a combined iniative of Project Manger Deb Suckling, APRA/AMCOSQ Music and Applewood Lane and is the fourth songwriting retreat which has taken place at Applewood Lane.  Successful retreats have occurred previously in 2007, 2008, and 2012 and have included many talented Brisbane and Queensland songwriters. Stay tuned via Applewood Lane’s facebook page for updates during the retreat and of course Magoo’s.