About Magoo

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Producer/Audio Engineer/Mixer/ Academic

“My first ever production decision was the realisation I was a shit guitar player”

Growing up on Brisbane’s Southside in the 80s, I was completely obsessed with music from an early age. Catching the bus into Brisbane’s CBD, was a weekly ritual, exploring and finding Detroit/New York Punk and Hair Metal bands on vinyl. The Dictators, Kiss, Motorhead, the Runaways, Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, the Ramones. I devoured and loved them all. Not yet knowing how to crystallise my excitement and thirst for music creation, I followed the safe career route and was accepted to study a Mechanical Engineering degree straight after high school. I patiently worked my way through it.

During 3rd year of university, a quiet thought occurred to me “Maybe I could be a sound engineer?” So I did a certificate course and also mixed for my friend’s bands on the weekend, and finished my degree. When I tried to make a jump into the “real world” of mechanical engineering, in 1992, there was a mini-recession and most engineering companies in country were reluctant to employ graduates.

After many years of study, I was spent and I reluctantly found myself on the dole. But fate intervened and there was an up side. I found a position working as a general shit kicker at Red Zeds rehearsal and recording studios in Albion and this is where my life turned into something unexpected.

Multiple ARIA nominations and a two-time ARIA award winner, I have worked with some of Australia’s finest acts including Midnight Oil, Regurgitator, Powderfinger, Art Vs Science, Custard, The Cruel Sea, Renee Geyer, The Jungle Giants, Saskwatch, Tex Perkins and many more. After an extensive career spanning more than 25 years, working all over the country as well as owning and operating 2 studios including a refurbished church retreat style studio, I continue to spend time mixing as well as being a sessional academic and PhD student at QUT in Music and Sound.

ARIA awards and nominations:

  • 1996 (10th) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Regurgitator – Tu-plang)
  • 1996 (10th) – Nomination, Engineer of the Year (Regurgitator – Tu-plang)
  • 1998 (12th) – Winner, Producer of the Year (Regurgitator – Unit)
  • 1998 (12th) – Winner, Engineer of the Year (Jointly for Midnight Oil – White Skin / Black Heart, Regurgitator – Unit, Skunkhour – Another Childish Man Breathing Through My Eyes Opportunist Pulse)
  • 1999 (13th) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Automatic – Pump It Up)
  • 1999 (13th) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Custard – Loverama)
  • 1999 (13th) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Not From There – Sand On Seven)
  • 1999 (13th) – Nomination, Engineer of the Year (Automatic – Pump It Up)
  • 1999 (13th) – Nomination, Engineer of the Year (Midnight Oil – Redneck Wonderland
  • 2002 (16th) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Gerling – When Young Terrorists Chase The Sun)
  • 2003 (17th) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Gerling – BadBlood!!!)
  • 2007 (21st) – Nomination, Producer of the Year (Kate Miller-Heidke – Little Eve)
  • 2007 (21st) – Nomination, Engineer of the Year (Operator Please – Just A Song About Ping Pong)

You can download a recent Discography here.