For the last three years I’ve been working on a practice-led PhD, which has meant I have been able to record while researching the creative spaces of the studio. Nowadays, it is rare to record in a luxurious studio, but is that altogether a bad thing? The PhD has been provided the perfect excuse to help me find out.

My research involved production/recording sessions with The Oyster Murders, Chase City, and Tylea. In the coming weeks, I will have some more to say on this,  but until then, here are some clips/songs I recorded during my research:

The Oyster Murders –

Chase City –

I’ve updated the sidebar with some songs I’ve recently mixed, by the Montreals, Hey Geronimo, Morning Harvey, and more.

I’ve also done a little bit of plain old engineering lately.
I recorded one song for Little May (Dew Process), with my good friend Rob Muinos producing. Hopefully, it will be released soon. And I recorded a few songs for Ben Ely’s upcoming solo album.