Academic Career

Dr Lachlan Goold is a Lecturer in Contemporary Music at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

His research focuses on practice-based music production approaches, theoretical uses of space, the music industry and cultural geography. Lachlan continues research in recording studio practice with attention on remote and regional areas, the broader music industry, and the implications of government legislation on the music industry in Australia.

His research focuses on spatiotemporal attitudes toward recording space and he posits that DIY recording is a new paradigm of the recording studio.

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Below are some published articles:


  • Goold, L. and Istvandity, L., 2022. Regurgitator’s Unit. Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

Lachlan Goold & Phil Graham (2019): The Uncertain Future of the Large-Format Recording Studio Proceedings of the 2017 Art of Record Production Conference, Royal College of Music, Stockholm. Journal on the Art of Record Production and Royal College of Music


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