Mix Preparation

  1. Prepare all tracks for mixing. Check fades and edits.
  2. Large amounts of editing and tuning will incur extra charges.
  3. Comp your vocals to the desired vocal track.
  4. I prefer to work with 24 bit 48k WAV files, but most 24 bit file types will be accepted.
  5. Consolidate cubase, logic, Live or any other DAW files from the beginning of the session.
  6. All files must be the same duration, sample rate and bit depth.
  7. Supply tempo
  8. Supply multi-tracks dry
  9. If you are attached to an effect, provide both the dry track and an effected track.
  10. All Protools session files are accepted, but remember to print any crucial plug-ins. Don’t assume I have it.
  11. Print any midi/virtual instruments – I can only accept audio files. Additionally supply the midi track may be beneficial.
  12. Make sure you allow plenty of headroom when printing your multi-tracks to avoid any unwanted clipping or distortion.
  13. Print tracks with fader at 0.
  14. Once I have your email address, I will share a dropbox folder with you. ZIP your session and put it in this folder.
  15. Allow plenty of time for upload and download. I would suggest you upload a file at least a week before your session period begins.
  16. If your session is particularly large, you can post a USB stick or similar to my house.
  17. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble with any of this information.
  18. What you can expect from Magoo:

      Two mix revisions are included in the price. If you require a revision, please inform me within 48 hours of mix delivery. Any additional revisions will be charged at the hourly rate.
      For all mix revisions, I will require an email from one contact person. The contact person will collate all ideas and suggestions into one email in dot point form. Be as direct, clear and concise as possible.

    Upon completion of the project

      – I will supply you with a 24bit 48k WAV file for mastering.
      – Instrumentals and Stems incur extra fees.