Update February 2016

Since my last update, I’ve been busy studying my research topic – The Changing Attitudes Toward Recording Spaces. I successfully competed confirmation (which means I’m officially a PhD student now) and I also competed a pilot session with the Oyster Murders for my PhD. I got stranded in India after recording a bunch of amazing musicians and I’ve had a good Christmas break with the family. I’ve also done a few other things since my last update summarised below –

I recorded and mixed

• 2 songs for Tasmanian band Chase City. We recorded at Sing Sing which was nice to return to after 8 years.
• 5 songs for the Oyster Murders for my PhD and we have a few more waiting for overdubs
• 1 song for Dom Miller
• an EP for Rob Muinos
Mixed songs for
• Mother Kirk
• Morning Harvey
• Silver Sircus
• The Jensons
• Jo Vish
• Matt Newton
• Machine Age